Cloud River

Mindfulness Centered Healthcare

& Traditional Chinese Medicine

Christopher Hafner L.Ac.

(612) 816-1959

2124 Dupont Avenue South, Suite 205

Uptown Minneapolis, Minnesota. 55405


Cloud River is a holistic health center located in the beautiful Uptown area of Minneapolis and is dedicated to helping you find greater ease, peace, and enjoyment in your life.

Christopher Hafner offers you an exceptional quality of care and professional attention based on his thirty years of experience in Chinese medicine and meditation. Cloud River itself offers a beautiful, healing environment where  you can receive skilled acupuncture treatments as well as lifestyle guidance, education and support based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and simple mindfulness meditation practices to help you restore, nurture and optimize your health and well being.

With the assistance and guidance of Traditional Chinese medicine, and the support of  mindfulness meditation practices, you can learn how to cultivate greater harmony in your life, be more relaxed and at ease with life, more open and compassionate with yourself and with others, and enhance your own innate healing ability so that you may enjoy glowing good health of body, mind, and spirit..

Welcome to Cloud River

Health and well being based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Buddhist meditation practices